"Выбирай свой спорт, выбирай свой стиль"
30 мая 2015 года
на территории Московского Дворца пионеров на Воробьевых горах прошел Фестиваль
научно-технического творчества "От винта!".

Средства массовой информации, принимавшие участие в освещении событий программы “Спорт с настроением “

"От винта". О проекте

On The Fifth International Festival of Children and Youth Scientific-Technical Creativity
"Off We go!"

The Fifth International Festival of Children and Youth Scientific-Technical Creativity (hereinafter, the Festival) is a creative event aimed to draw the attention of children and youth to aviation, astronautics and aeronautics and promote professions related to the said industries among the younger generation.

The Festival is held by the Coordination Council of the Russian Engineering Union on promotion of scientific and technical creativity of children and youth under the auspices of the Government of Russia, Moscow City Government, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and All-Russian Social Organizations "The Russian Engineering Union" and "The Russian Officers". The partners of the Festival are Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute TsAGI, "Russian Helicopters" Holding, OJC "UAC" and the Organizing Committee of the MAKS International Aviation and Space Show.

The Program includes presentations of creative works and projects in aviation, astronautics and aeronautics in the course of MAKS-2015 International Aviation and Space Show and offers an extensive educational and cultural program for the participants.

Official languages of the Festival: Russian and English.

1. The goals of the Festival include:
1.1. Drawing attention of children and youth to aviation, astronautics and aeronautics and related professions.
1.2. Search for children and youth enthusiastic about aviation, astronautics and aeronautics.
1.3. Development and strengthening of international friendly cooperation and sharing experiences between children and teenagers from different states.

2. Tasks of the Festival.
2.1. To introduce the history of world aviation, astronautics and aeronautics.
2.2. To reveal aptitudes of participants in various subject areas.
2.3. To improve the skills of participants in the selected area of creativity.

3. Participants of the Festival.

3.1. The Festival involves teenagers, youth and students (under 22 years of age). Both individual and group participation is allowed. The group of authors may include adults (accompanying teachers). One teenager representing the project or the work (up to 4 participants) and one teacher accompanying the group from each country are allowed.
3.2. The participants of the Festival shall register by e-mail address f2@mail.ru. For more information please visit our website: http://www.sport-stile.ru in the section. The participants of the Festival shall have e-mail addresses.

4. The Festival procedure
In the period from March 10, 2015 through April 23 2015 the Festival participants shall send applications for participation in the Festival and provide description and colour pictures of the projects and works at the address f2@mail.ru in the following nominations:

  • 1. Aviation
  • 2. Astronautics
  • 3. Aeronautics
  • 4. Robotics in aviation and space industry
  • 5. Physical and technical projects related to aviation and astronautics

The following works will be accepted for competition:

  • Research works, developments and projects on the theory of aviation, astronautics and aeronautics
  • Flight vehicle designs
  • Models of flight vehicles, space platforms, airports, space launch sites, passenger and cargo terminals
  • Designs and models of parts, units and individual types of aircraft, space and aerostatic technology, equipment and support facilities
  • Development of experimental projects in various areas;
  • Technological project engineering in technology manufacturing, cargo processing, passenger service and etc.

4.3. The final stage

Participation in the Festival is based on an invitation from the Organizing Committee which is sent to the Festival participants to their e-mail addresses with the attached Program and the conditions of stay in Moscow by June 1, 2015.

Participants shall confirm their participation in the Festival by June 15, 2015 by e-mail to the Organizing Committee stating the date of their arrival in Moscow.

The teenager(s) or his (their) teacher shall undertake all further activities on preparation and participation in the Festival in close coordination with the contact person specified in the Program of the Festival.

The competition implies a participant's presentation of his work or project at a special exposition of the Festival at MAKS International Aviation and Space Show in Moscow in August 2015.

Based on the results of the final, the authors of the best works will be awarded laureate diplomas and memorable gifts.

The accompanying teachers actively participating in the Festival will be awarded diplomas.

4.4. Accommodation

Accommodation in Izmailovo Tourist-Hotel complex, Beta Hotel. The cost of accommodation is 1450 Rubles per person per day (double room). Breakfast and dinner are included.

Business contacts:
E-mail: f2@mail.ru (we accept e-mails in Russian and English)
Tel.: +7 (985) 100-01-15
www.sport-stile.ru, section "Off We go!"
PR Director Larisa Solovieva

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